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My Experience in the SCI-FI, held on 18-09-2017


Ballygunge Government High School Alumini Association just organized a Science Seminar SCI-FI on the 18th of September, 2017. I participated in the Seminar representating Ballygunge Government High School. As a student of this school I felt proud and humble both at the same time as I had never seen anything like this before. An exam was organised in the beginning that was filled with a whole lot of critical thinking questions, especially the tricky science problem part. The lecture session that followed was no lesswonderful. Many of our ex-Students , our Seniors who are now instated in highly respectable positions in different institutions of the country showed up to inform us on their respective fields. That was a very proud moment for all of our students. The talk on “Climate Change” by Professor Sibaji Raha was wonderful. I came to know a lot about the earth’s magnetic field and how its interaction with the Sun’s magnetic field creates problems with our climate. Professor Saroj Kumar Sanyal presented to us his self made lecture on “Arsenicpoisoning”. I really loved the lecture about our career by Professor Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhay where he said that we should pursue our further studies in something we are passionate about. Professor Smarajit Polley informed us  about super bugs and anti biotic resistance. Professor Debashish Mukherjee of Saha  Institute gave us a fine talk onAuto-phagy system. I realized the truth that as we go higher in higher in academics no subject stands alone. Most of higher studies is interdisciplinary. The final part of the programme was the ‘Model and Poster’ presentation. I gave a poster presentation on “GeneTherapy”. Other schools participated in this presentation , all of them coming up with innovative ideas. In a nutshell , SCI-FI was really one of a kind, and I was great experience being a part of it.

As a member of team, we are thankful to BGHSAA for organizing such a great exposure to interact with such renowned scientists.