Official website of Ballygunge Govt High School Alumni Association. BGHSAA welcomes all our alumni members to all our programs. Request to all alumni members, kindly DONATE and help us to grow up our funds.

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On the completion of 50 years since our first REUNION, which was held in 1967, we, the members of Ballygunge Government High School Alumni Association, had gone through different waves of time, ages, generations and other challenges. With active support from all our members we could make an aristocratic existence showing responsibilities for our alumni, past & present teachers, staff and students etc.

To reach out more and more alumni, going beyond demographic boundaries, this year we are focusing ourselves for digital communication via email, sms and of course this website. We have tried to accumulate maximum possible contact details at utmost hygiene, so that necessary information can be sent to our beloved alumni, timely and surely. An update of such data is urgently required and for which your help and initiation is essential.

Overcoming financial constraints, we are planning to organize multiple occasions so that our alumni can meet their mates/seniors/juniors and can exchange ‘….purano sei diner kawtha..

Looking forward to your support with active participation, engagement, analysis and suggestions, if any.


Thanking you,
Rupam Dutta
General Secretary, 2018-19
M: 9831079639