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GB has decided to change the design of front cover of upcoming Souvenir to be distributed at PUNORMILON, 2018. For the same GB is urging for artwork for any alumni to share.

Following points to be considered:

  • Theme should be ‘BALLYGUNGE GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL’
  • Colored or BW painting or sketch on A4 size paper
  • Oval logo & headings are to be placed as they were in previous years (ref. such souvenirs)
  • Original artwork will be accepted. If at all shared/copied (full or part) suppressing the fact, association will NOT be liable for any hazards, what so ever, arising from and/or related to such.
  • Single member can submit multiple artworks
  • RIGHT OF selection of artwork, artists and application of technicalities fully reserved with BGHSAA, thus NO query and/or clarification will be entertained before, during & after the event.
  • Artist MUST be ready to voluntarily submit the Artworks to BGHSAA and agreeable to forgo any claims, what-so-ever, over them in future.
  • After submission, those will be property of BGHSAA, which can be used for any charitable purpose/display (on official site also)/print by the association.
  • Scanned copy of artwork is to be shared ONLY at bghsaakol@gmail.com by 05th. December, 2017.
  • Mentioning Name, Year of passing, Contact no. & type of membership is MUST, WITHOUT which no artwork will be accepted.
  • For details please contact 9433074947


Request all alumni, their family members, ex-teachers to submit a write-up for upcoming souvenir.

Following points to note:

  • Primarily topic would preferably on school or schoolmate, teachers etc.
  • Language either Bengali or English
  • Word limit maximum 1000
  • Mention your Name, passing year, and contact no.
  • Typed or clear hand writing will be anticipated for smooth drafting.
  • Last date for submission: 10th. December, 2017
  • For further details contact: Sri Bama Prasad Mukhopadhyay (M: 9433086382)